June 15, 2018

Linguistic spirituality in one long gasp

Just when I’d thought the world of publishing was getting a tad boring lately, along comes this announcement of a €100,000 prize for a book by Irish author Mike McCormack called Solar Bones - and described as "formally ambitious, stylistically dauntless and linguistically spirited, [it] is a novel of extraordinary assurance and scope" and which apparently consists of one sentence stretching over a length of more than 270 pages - and I sure hope it has some attempts at punctuation as writing one long sentence is not easy at the best of times (although I have known Irish people who can talk nonstop so perhaps that means the audio version should be a cinch) but this does make me concerned as to what’s next in the world of wacky literary experimentation, as I'm pretty sure no capitals or commas have already been done and perhaps  ...
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