January 16, 2018

Can it be? Has the Girl grown up?

Although I've been absent for a while due to family issues, I've still been keeping an eye on the ironies in the world of books and publishing.

Can it truly be - that the next big thing in those infernal "Girl" books actually features a "Woman" in the title? What happened? Is publishing growing up or something?

Article here about The Woman in the Window from The Guardian. 

And which also goes to prove that if any debut author wants to get their Girl or Woman novel start a bidding frenzy, it doesn't hurt to have this in their CV ... "senior editor at the New York publishing house, William Morrow. Prior to that he had been the publisher of the British mass-market crime imprint Sphere ..."

The title isn't completely original though ... 

And not forgetting the original movie of that name!

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