September 29, 2017

When not doing social media is cool

Hm, interesting article in The Guardian about the tres cool  Zadie Smith who doesn't do social media because she wants to "retain the right to be wrong" and not be called to account over it.

Zadie Smith by Risko (Vanity Fair)

At least she was really lucky to get recognition and establish her career in the years before it became mandatory to flog oneself mercilessly on social media until you draw blood (mostly your own).

All new writers are endlessly harped at by book publishers, agents, creative writing teachers and other well meaning friends to be "out there" networking on social media, even if it can be counter-productive in too many cases. The current approach is that if you haven't got at least a thousand plus followers on your blog, or Twitter or Facebook, you are unworthy of being taken seriously as a writer, even if many of those followers are serial spammers or even a bunch of bots.

Although I'm on social media and I do appreciate its pluses in being able to reunite with old friends or have a laugh at cute kitten videos or support causes I care about, its many minuses have forced me to be low-key. I have the odd flurry of posting comments but have learned not to get involved or respond too quickly to controversial topics or moralising and posturing from either the extreme left or right trying to tell me what I ought to be thinking. (I am a bit over those rainbow-hued avatars at the moment.)

Here are some social media cartoons that hit the nail on the head for me :-

My favourite! [or sic. favorite]

... and a whole bunch more here on this Pinterest page.

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