September 14, 2017

Judge thyself on book covers

A reader-writer email newsletter has a link to a site that presents you with images of book covers and gets you to give them a stars score out of five and compares your results to those as voted by Goodreads readers.

Some were quite good, most average, and none of them would induce me to drop everything and rush across to the other side of the store or library to investigate whether I wanted to read the book itself.

My score?  Bad. At "48% accuracy", it seems I have have failed the test and have nothing in common with Goodreads readers.

Absolutely nothing impresses you.
If Michelangelo himself painted these
covers you'd still say 'meh.'
Thumbs down.

No surprises - admittedly I'm not a candidate for any book with Justin Bieber on the cover for a start - although I did gasp at a couple of truly ghastly romance titles on which Goodreaders readers gave high scores. 

Here's the link. Have fun! 

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