April 17, 2017

Too many books

If you have ever wondered how many books have been published in the world since printing began, you would be set an impossible task, although that doesn't stop some folk from trying to estimate the figure.

This post from Mental Floss figures that last year (2016) there were 134,021,533 books in existence! And here is the link to the Book Statistics from UNESCO with a running total that makes little sense as it will be seen that many countries' statistics have not been updated for 25+ years. 

Trying to imagine so many books makes the mind boggle. I wonder how high that TBR (to be read) pile might stretch - to the moon and back perhaps?

These images pretty well sum up what happens to nearly all books: how quickly this year’s best-seller or prize-winning book will be relegated to a cave or a pit and become just another layer in the archaeology.

Cave of Forgotten Books, copyright Martin Geupe

Master of the Books, copyright Waldemar Bartkowiak

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