December 22, 2016

If in need of redemption

Browsing a selection of books on half-price sale with a well-known online bookseller, I spotted a title that I thought I’d read - Redemption Road - but the plot summary didn’t sound familiar so I went looking for the original.

But I was stumped. Just as with my earlier exploration of routes To the Ends of the Earth, I hadn’t realised how many bumpy Roads one can follow out there to Redemption, a title especially popular with self-published authors who are not very good at coming up with something original for their dystopian plots or ones that feature hunky blokes, motor bikes and religion, sometimes all in the same book.

Here are just a sampling of covers and, no, I still haven’t found the one I remember … or maybe I’m thinking of Road to Perdition of which, thank goodness, there seems to be only one.

(Please note clicking on the image goes nowhere and if you are keen to follow any of these Roads, try Amazon or Goodreads which has 8 pages of Redemptive titles.)

Changing it to a Lane makes all the difference.

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