October 08, 2016

The offending barrel

Yet more flak on the Ferrante exposure from The Guardian by another famous author

As if the article doesn't already overflow with feminist "offensensitivity" *, it contains obtuse phrases like "monomaniacal fixation" and incomprehensible sentences such as - "Women who say, as Beckett did, I and Not I, this is me and not me, this is myself but it is someone else, are driven back from the larger open spaces of the artwork to the smaller spaces of the self." (?) 

And then reading the scorn and sheer vitriol towards another famous author in the comments posted is enough to make one glad to be a nobody in an increasingly vicious social media world where the muck at the bottom of the barrel just gets thicker and deeper with everybody diving in to fling around more of their own effluent and inflated self-importance. This has become so serious you just have to see the funny side.

* As coined by Berkeley Breathed several decades ago.
Copyright Bloom 

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