August 03, 2016

The Booker you have when you're not having a Booker.

The “Not the Booker” project is currently up at The GuardianRead all about it here.

Even a dedicated bookworm like me hasn’t the time for a list like this. From the 100 or so books listed, I see I’ve tackled a few. Two of them I soon gave up on, due to graphic violence or being just plain depressing. A few others are still pleading for attention in my Kindle but the longer they are there without me finding the enthusiasm to start reading them, the more likely they will be heading for the archives.

There is only one title in the list that I actually finished because it related to a topic on which I have some prior experience and knowledge (also I’d promised to do a review of it) but I had major issues with the whole book, mainly because of character assassination and flippancy, so no recommendation there.

The thing is, you don’t have to have read any of these books to participate. There’s nothing to stop you cobbling together a 100 word review plagiarised from Goodreads or Amazon or elsewhere on any title you’ve heard about or perhaps one that has been buzzing around in your own social universe. Then you just get your pals to help with a little bit of voting. Although there is a fun aspect to it, I wouldn’t trust the results of Not the Booker any more than I do the real thing.

Also check out the slightly intimidating and unsmiling images of the exalted authors who failed to get into the real Booker this year and have to make do with the ersatz version. With the exception of the trace of humour from the cool gent in the top right corner, the expressions on the other faces say quite a lot about their intensity and the kinds of books they write.

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