August 06, 2016

Beach Reads

It is summer in the Northern Hemisphere and a lot of book sites and bloggers are chattering about beach reads aimed at women readers - floppy hats, stripes, water, seem to be popular in America. 

From Pop Sugar

This led me to this great article by Sophie McManus in The Washington Post about what exactly are “beach reads and in which she says - The beach reads category itself flatteringly pretends you’re someone with loads of disposable income and free time.

Yup, how many non-retired women any-place get to spend a whole summer loafing about in deck (Adirondack in America) chairs anyhow? Even if you are too rich or too poor to have a job, and haven’t got a tribe of kids that need 24/7 supervision or entertaining during six weeks school vacation and your normal 9 to 5 involves a ski resort, there probably aren’t that many modern-day whip-wielding employers who are going to let you have a “whole summer” off - a couple of weeks at most if you are lucky.

Besides, unless you're on a beach in one of the world's few remaining techno-black spots, very few people these days have the willpower to actually read a paper book for any length of time without getting withdrawal symptoms and having to resort to their technology.

Some beach reading cartoons - with creators acknowledged where I can find them.

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Ah, if I had a twin, she'd have to be the fabulous Maxine

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