July 10, 2016

Gutsy Girls wear Killer Heels

Interesting article from The Atlantic on the controversies surrounding the books by Elena Ferrante and also "women's fiction" covers in general. Have to agree. We are just about over the headless woman but are definitely drowning in ...
"... a high frequency of ocean horizons and women with their backs turned ... certainly tired, and not a little silly: ... it’s easy to conclude that no woman in their fiction has ever lived inland, or so much as looked directly at a camera."
Beg to differ on this, as there are lot of back views on covers of women strolling or running across fields, prairies, lawns, down streets, up steps, along canals, etc. etc.

But it's the model looks, sexy gear or high heels that tend to turn me right off, especially if the books are written by women who are asking to be taken seriously on some subject.

(As usual, I'm not in the business of promoting any books here and clicking on the following images will take you nowhere. Please do your own Googling if any are of interest.)

Not only the plunging neckline, but "Girl" in the title too?! Gag!

And another way to reach success - buttons undone, tousled hair.

Once a model, always a model. Sorry, Tara Moss, but if you'd toned down the lipstick, and worn something that doesn't draw the eye to your decolletage with that cutesy and ever-so-slightly awry red bow ...

This next one isn't too bad but it's that awful reference to "Girl" again. And her earlier books have titles like "Why Good Girls Don't get Ahead and Gutsy Girls Do". Groan.

Red or black for a strong statement every time. Let's rock!

Yet more guts and killer heels on a fierce book with the sub-title of: "God, guts, glitter and glamour for the female entrepreneur".

Another religious title with the lot - red roses, high heels, lipstick. Lord deliver me indeed.

This one is pretty OK, except it is black and red again and the author looks insufferably smug, plus the crossed arms also say something or the other.

I kinda like this one. Bit fussy with the glittery lips which are hardly Spartan, but I'm curious about what one has to do to qualify as a "21st Century Spartanite" - hope that means killer heels are not necessary.

 Enough for now.

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