January 13, 2016

Cooking the books by playing with fire

It’s clichéd title time again. [See my earlier posts here and here.]

A current TV show about cooking with fire sparked (no pun intended) my memory that there may have been another one with a similar title and when I went in search of it I stumbled across a lot of books and TV episodes of the same name, including a number of biographies or autobiographies all called Playing with Fire.

Gordon Ramsay, Chef (logical, he’s had some close calls setting fire to things.)

Nigel Havers, Actor

Nasser Hussain, Cricketer

Theo Fleury, Canadian ice hockey player

Hans Eysenck, Pscyhologist

Julie Taymor, Theatre Director

Anne Barry, Kiwi Firefighter

But if that wasn’t enough already, the number of both fiction and non-fiction books entitled Playing with Fire, or very similar, look like stretching into the hundreds. Too bad if you can only remember the title and not the name of the author if you are trying to track down one in particular.

At least the most famous of these has gone for a slight variation which helps it to stand well apart from all the others and that is of course Stieg Larsson’s The Girl who Played with Fire.

Here are some others. Among the mix of children's, crime and romance books and a lot of erotica dross, there is a smattering of quite serious books about a potential war between China and Taiwan, the rights of Pakistani women and porcelain.  (Please note this is just a random sampling and clicking on these images won’t take you to any book sales pages.)

Perhaps we can go back to the turn of the previous century and blame Arthur Conan Doyle for starting the fires? Read about what may well be the original Playing with Fire here.

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