December 22, 2015

Publishing hits and misses and 404 before you know it

Busyness and all the usual stress factors in moving house means this blog has been a little neglected of late, but I’m aiming to get back into more wry observations of what goes on in the world of publishing during the coming year.

For starters, this article in The Guardian is rather interesting in which a number of publishers actually admit to envy in not having spotted the winners, even if they are reluctant to admit to any massive outright failures. Someone high up in publishing world once told me the failure rates are often closely guarded secrets and the losses can be astronomical on books and not even a “big” name on the cover can always guarantee success.

By the way, rather ironic that none of the links to the books listed in the article work - 404 errors on all of them - so you have to search each title individually if you’re curious.  Perhaps this also says something in itself about the ephemeral nature of books these days.


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