September 03, 2015

The writer's roller-coaster

Following on from the previous ra-ra-ra post, I really enjoyed this piece in the Huffington Post by Renate Stendahl and Vicki DeArmon about their writerly conversation on life at the "ragged edges" of the publishing world, the need for a publishing house that caters for hermits who can't cope with everything you have to do "just in case".

It seems from these two admirable women that having a PhD, jobs in journalism or publishing as well as winning literary awards, doesn't cut the mustard either when getting ahead in dealing with ra-ra-ra and it's all about being a constant presence on social media platforms.

I wonder why the the word "platform" (i.e. a flat surface) is used when discussing social media? It's totally wrong. The whole process is hardly straight, linear or smooth, it is a frenetic bun-fight, not unlike being on one of those mouse or hamster wheels going nowhere fast or on an endless roller coaster.

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