August 06, 2015

Ra-ra-ra the Writer

Two pieces doing the rounds this week, both worthy of reading and thinking about no matter what type of writer you are.

This article in prestigious The Atlantic by Meghan Tifft about the introverted writer and forced togetherness definitely pings chords with me. Thank you Meghan from all of us who feel the same way!

Also this blog post from Jezebel by Catherine Nichols about the difference a male name can make in gaining serious attention. Yup, been there, so I know the score.

Even though it happened many moons ago, and before the social media explosion, I’m still indignant about being forced to use an initial by a commercial publisher, never mind the added ignominy of not even being permitted a page at the back of the book with the customary details about who the author was, so it was good as “by anonymous”.

This made it near impossible to market or promote either by the publisher (shot themselves in the foot there!) or myself, so it is amazing that it did get manage to get some positive newspaper reviews at least. The thing is, if I decide to go the DIY route and re-publish the book, just the thought of what is involved - as so beautifully shown in this cartoon - is inviting serious blood pressure problems - something I do not need at my time of life!

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