March 16, 2015

The perils of DIY book covers

Copyright Yasha Harari
With my continuing fascination for what makes for a good book cover, I couldn't pass up this article from The Guardian on the worst Kindle coversand do follow the link mentioned to the blog site itself for other hilarious images.

Covers aside, some of those titles are equally eye-wateringly awful and deserve to be entered into some kind of e-books version of the more famous Diagram Prize. I mean, who can pass up on "Now that I'm a Ghost, I'm Gay" or "How to Deal with a Hippo Encounter"?

With seemingly everybody now into self-publishing, here are a few fun cartoons about the whole precious self-importance, self-awareness, self-aggrandizement baggage that now comes with it.

Copyright Mick Stevens, New Yorker

Copyright? Found here

Copyright Doug Savage

And don't go past Bo's Cafe Life for a fabulous collection of cartoons on the writing life in general.

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