February 26, 2015

More reasons to be a Goatpeson

More reasons this week to be a Goatperson (see previous post)

This article from The Economist. Sigh. Depressing.

This chart of fiction and its sub-genres (you'll need to increase the image size)  

Hm, seems I write a left-hand, down-a-bit, sub-genre of the Empirical Novel. Darn. Can't recall ever seeing the Empirical Novel as a category any place.

Conversation with blonde assistant at book store:
What kind of fiction do you read?
Oh empirical novels, what else?
Can you spell that please?
E M P I R I C A L ...
Assistant leads customer to science fiction and points out Star Wars.

I have absolutely no idea what this image means. Maybe I could type my empirical novel a lot faster with three hands?

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