December 07, 2014

Go with the flow this Christmas.

What would life be without flowcharts? Do you need one to help you to do your Christmas shopping for books?

I received a link to this image in an email from the lovely people at The History Press. Very nice of them to wish me a Merry Christmas and offer me a discount, but do I really need a chart to tell me that if the person I am buying for is interested in Transport, I must follow the arrows labelled Rail to reach Train Books, Air to reach Plane Books, Sea to reach Ship Books and Road to reach Car Books?

Obviously a fun creation by someone with a bit of time on their hands and it did grab my attention so I suppose it worked.

Copyright The History Press. Bigger version here
A flowchart about writing books that might raise a smile:


I love this one!

Bigger version at College Humor

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