August 18, 2014

Television's Armaggedon.

Barely a day after my last post on television, this article appeared about about increasing the amount of advertisements allowed 

It says up to 20 minutes in the hour is now likely and

 "Australia would have the highest ratio of ads to content of any Western country"

but I've news for them, that was already happening with Downton Abbey during its last season - it was around 25 minutes if you included the station's self-promos for other shows - which drives me even more crazy than the ads themselves. Even the two better channels, ABC and SBS, are becoming increasingly irritating due to endlessly looping self-promo links.

People are already switching off in droves and it's no wonder there are epidemic proportions of pirated or illegal downloads in Australia and it will only get worse.

We are now seeing the death knell of television as it once was. In years to come, historians will see that it was the onset of dumbed-down reality TV (and way too many cooks) that marked the beginning of the end. 

One positive in all of this is that people are likely to read more books - and that is definitely something to celebrate!!

Some images about books vs. TV:

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