March 16, 2014

Uses for DNF (did not finish) books?

My talented daughter who writes as VicciScrunchie recently did a fun post on her blog about DNF books (did not finish) and how they can relate to relationships. Read it here.

And it led me to think about uses for DNF in the physical sense – the fantastic art of book sculpture being one of them which is so much kinder than recycling, pulping or burning. There are some fabulous creations to be found via Pinterest pages, just keep browsing!

Such a great idea - that artistic people are able to find beauty and a new life for something that irritated or bored the socks off you in its original form.

Here are a few  images of what can be done with old books. 

I know the feeling ...

And my brain is like this after some DNF books ...
Sculpture by ? Jonathan Callan

A new meaning for a shaggy dog tale ....
Shaggy Dog

This one reminds me I seriously need to do that book sort-out ...

However - what to do about DNF on Kindle or other ebook readers? I still get a pang of remorse or guilt whenever I delete any ebook knowing that unless the author has the same book in some physical form all that blood, sweat and tears that go into writing are destined to fall into the black hole of cyberspace and never be seen again.  

There are still a lot of pluses with regular DNF books, you can throw them at the wall, of course!

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