January 13, 2014

Literary Misery and how it can get you published

In our world busting at its seams with useless information and statistics that seem to be created solely to make certain people look very smart and the rest of us bumbling idiots, what to make of this new study, a “Literary Misery Index”, detailed in the Smithsonian Magazine? Haven’t these algorith-micks - what do you call a group of statisticians anyhow - got better things to do to improve our lives?

My initial reaction was – you’ve got to be kidding, right? Is this a really a problem – just one more thing for those of us involved in the words business to worry about? (The Online Dictionary defines an algorithm as any methodology for solving a certain kind of problem.)

Then I considered the benefit of having such valuable information at one’s fingertips. Now that I know that “global economics is part of the shared emotional experience” and that just a few carefully placed words can make all the difference, I’m guaranteed to get out of that slush pile!

Anger blazed in his callous statistician’s eyes. 
Trembling with emotion after their shared experience, she threw his thesis on Global Economic Mismanagement and its Impact on the Romance Novel at him in disgust.
I fear you’re done for now, Mr Darcy, and may sadness follow you all the days of your life.”

(Cartoon from Mirthful Math)

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