July 19, 2013

Bittersweet burning

Oh dear. Another writer and/or her editor and/or her publisher who has decided on an unoriginal and tired one-word title for her latest book due out in October.

ColleenMcCullough is a juggernaut name in publishing and no doubt this upcoming novel will sell squillions no matter what and all authors (including several big names in the romance genre, e.g. Danielle Steel and LaVyrle Spencer) who have used Bittersweet as a title will be cursing their luck.

No images of many covers this time, but just put the word into an Amazon or Bookfinder search and you’ll find them. A number of them feature chocolate on the cover too.

On the positive side, this cover looks good. No half head or back view and the striking fashion appears correct for the era.

Harper Collins Australia

I had enjoyed several of Colleen’s books over the years, but fell off the fan-wagon with the over-blown Morgan’s Run and her Roman series is so daunting that it is still gathering dust in my TBR stack. I might try this one, although after reading this florid publishing blurb from Harper Collins Australia, I’m not too sure how much love and “burning” in the characters I can take! 

Bittersweet is an enthralling tale of women - and of love; an unforgettable Australian saga of sisterhood, family, love and betrayal.
This is the story of two sets of twins, Edda and Grace, Tufts and Kitty, who struggle against all the restraints, prohibitions, laws and prejudices of 1920s Australia. Only the submissive yet steely Grace burns for marriage; the sleekly sophisticated Edda burns to be a doctor, the down-to-earth but courageous Tufts burns never to marry, and the too-beautiful, internally scarred Kitty burns for a love free from male ownership.
Turbulent times, terrible torments, but the four magnificent Latimer sisters, each so different, love as women do: with tenderness as well as passion, and with hearts roomy enough to hold their men, their children, their careers and their sisters.

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